Case Study

Innovative, Easy-to-use mobile field service application. (Case Study)

A leading healthcare portal Medikoe uses Toolyt for their field service activities and the results they observed were DISTINCT.

Industry  : Healthcare

Location  : Bengaluru



  • Sub optimal Usage of Time & Resources
  • Lacked Automation & Usage of latest technology
  • Dependency on traditional / old methods (excel sheets)
  • Inadequate Process Control
  • Average Overall results


  • Customer got instant update on progress
  • Customer got their listing instant on Medikoe website
  • Get credentials instantly without delay
  • Optimal Time Usage & Increased Productivity
  • Field force got Customisable CRM
  • Data collection form and direct integration with Medikoe Website
  • Show listing instantly to the customers and share credentials with them
  • Managed daily meetings
    Work flow automation
    Reduced paperwork and using excel sheets
  • Real-time monitoring/tracking of field officers
  • Instant access to Attendance
  • Customer meetings & discussions
  • Time usage pattern


Value Added benefits

  • Automation decreased the miscellaneous costs like voice calls and paper work
  • Less time spent on dispute management as everything was documented electronically
  • Reduced Travel costs due to pre-assigned meeting schedules, Travel route planning and reminders


20 to 30% increase in customer satisfaction 60-70% Time Saving, 40% increase in productivity, 25% reduction in calls, 10-30% increase in revenue