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6 Principles To Follow In B2B Sales Negotiations

By Nizamudheen V
December 24, 2020

B2B sales is a complicated process, involving multi-level and multi-layer authoritarians. In such a reserved atmosphere of sales, sales negotiations should be done more diligently and with patience.

B2B sales negotiation has to be carried out only after building trust and confidence relationship. It is a combination of trust, transparency, and expectations. It is a challenging and complicated task.

It is the process of efforts with hopes of improving the possibilities of success. It is like establishing a system, which will work both for the sellers and the buyers. In this process, it anticipates different outcomes and the readiness to tackle the same.

Sales Negotiating is one of the most crucial features of selling. Salespersons have to negotiate day in and day out with the customers. Should develop the strategies which will help both the parties in the smooth closing of sales.

Important Principles In Sales Negotiations

Focus On Interest, Not Position

Usually, in sales negotiations, the focus of both the buyer and seller will be on position and not on interest. Ascertain the objectives you would like to achieve through the negotiations so that you can position yourself accordingly. Only after the clients express their concerns, you will be able to gauge their true intentions.

If both the parties start the negotiations, banking exclusively on position, then the mediations might yield no results. Instead of pushing the deal to a stalemate, the right strategy will be to find the interest of the other party and start the negotiations.

By prioritizing the interests of the client, you get the chance to explore problems and solutions. Learn how to succeed not by defeating the other side, but by upholding your interests firmly.

Manage Your Emotions And Passions

With the help of emotional intelligence, you can understand and manage your emotions and communicate effectively. You can easily overcome the challenges and defuse conflict. The perfect emotional control is to understand your feelings and that of your prospects. Sales negotiations can foster different kinds of emotions.

Provide choice and space to your prospects to express their emotions. Also, you have to be honest with your passions during the negotiation process.

With controlled emotional feelings, you can easily navigate through personality differences, diverse agendas, and social pressures. With experience, you’ll learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses to become a more effective negotiator.

Express Gratitude And Appreciation To Your Prospects

Expressions of appreciation and gratitude to your prospects will have positive effects on negotiations. It helps to foster good feelings and strengthen relationships. It helps to open up your clients during the sales negotiations process. It conveys that you have respect and appreciates each other's words and thoughts.

Stay Calm And Relaxed

Stay clear from anxiety and adverse feelings during the negotiations. The fear of losing the deal, or the reputation in the company will put extra pressure on your dealings. Such negotiations, are most probably to lose. Ascertain the clear and desired outcome, as this gives more probability of winning.

Always there should be some leads in the pipeline, as the anxiety of losing the deal, will exert additional pressure on the salespersons.

It is crucial when negotiating in sales that you remain calm and relaxed. Over a while, once you gain experience, you can develop your unique style and flair to negotiate.

Principle Of Giving And Taking

Before discussing the discounts and give-aways, with your clients, estimate what you can get in return. Make it like a barter system, so that you can gain out of the deal. In the bargain, you should not hurt the company’s bottom line.

Every time you interact with your prospects, you have a choice to make. Try to claim as much advantage as you can, or contribute value without worrying about what you receive in return. It is recommended in sales, always to make a better deal for the company.

Pay Attention To Non-monetary Areas

It need not always be the monetary benefit for the customers, even the non-monetary gains, determine a lot. Include some professional areas, like after-sales service, free employee training, and on-boarding. Even mentioning your client’s name in the blog or case study, will give them the advertisement mileage. Reduction of the contract period or concession in the payment period. Discount for future purchases.

Not every favour you pass on to the customer should be monetary. This small trivial points will make the onboarding faster and smoother.

The Right Negotiating Approach

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