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Optimising Pharmaceutical Sales With Mobile Technology

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 24, 2021

The genesis of technology, celerity of evolution, and technology acclimation in sales have intensified the competition across the industries. In the era of shifting technology, even the Pharma industry is no longer an exception. Mobile technology is the main area of concern. Customers have already embraced technological changes.

The pharmaceutical industry should look forward to digitization, though there are many digital touchpoints, mobile technology is one of them. For the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the journey to digitization had just started. It is still way far behind than their American and European counterparts.

The potential for mobility is immense, and companies are investing a lot in applications and mobile enablement. Mobile technology can elementally improve how pharmaceutical reps work. Concurrently provides the management an unimpeded panoramic view of the sales process.

Pharmaceutical Sales Costs and Trends – Technology To Reduce It

Dwindling budgets and declining margins are forcing pharmaceutical companies to explore mobile sales technology as a cost-saving alternative. Looking for ways to shorten the expensive and lengthy sales process.

Conventionally in the pharma industry, years before the launch of any new drug, the sales pipeline begins. Sales teams are trained and groomed to be successful. Secondary factors like patent fees, budget constraints, and government authorities' pre-approvals add up the cost. To trounce all this, the pharma giants are now turning towards mobile technology and smart salespersons.

Why The Industry Failed In Their Early Attempt

With the avant-garde of technology, many Pharmaceutical Companies had developed their own mobile apps for their sales. Due to arcane and recalcitrant reasons, they were unsuccessful.

The report from Statista shows that the number of downloads generated by pharmaceutical and m-Health apps worldwide in 2016. It shows that pharmaceutical apps generated only 5.6 million out of 3.2 billion health app downloads.

A report by another research company shows that in 2014 the average big pharma company had roughly 65 mobile apps registered in the app store. Just a meager 6.6 million total downloads since 2008 worldwide, statistically not the healthy results.

Just 30% of all apps developed by pharmaceutical companies have never been updated and 29% only have had one update. According to Fierce Pharma, the top 5 pharmaceutical apps are not even directly related to pharmaceutical sales.

Due to the complexity and complication of building mobile solutions, pharmaceutical companies are now turning to external developers. Finding ways of optimizing their internal processes such as training, onboarding, and sales engagement.

Benefits of Adopting Mobile Technology

  • App workable on iOS and Android

  • Automated Report generation

  • Become Ultra Responsive

  • Better Data Collection

  • Better Productivity

  • Centralized Data storage

  • Data Access from the field

  • Data import/export

  • Document Sharing

  • Improves Insights

  • Invoicing

  • Lead Management

  • Notifications and Reminders

  • On the Go Access Files

  • On the Go Access to crucial Information

  • On the Go Data Access

  • Reduces Unproductive Tasks

  • Sales Activity Management

  • Sales Analytics

  • Sales Automation

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Sales Optimisation

  • Sales Pipeline Management

  • Saves Money and time

  • Shorten the Sales Cycle

  • Streamline Operations

  • Stronger Customer Service

  • Submit Feedbacks from the field

  • Team performance statistics and analytics

Usually, the companies providing SFA apps provide lifetime maintenance.

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