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8 Must-Have Tools for Outside Field Sales Officers

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 30, 2021

Outside Field, Sales Officers are always on the move, far away from the amenities and ambience of a conventional office. They are engaged in visiting the prospective customers, scheduling meetings and rescheduling, if there are any eleventh-hour changes. All these have to be done impeccably within the practicable time.

Despite the fact that field visits are planned but cancellations and the last minute changes do happen. Unforeseen developments muddle the whole planning. Afresh reorganizing and rescheduling of the meetings to be done as per the convenience of the customers.

It is a tough task, as everything has to be done optimally. Additionally, the queries and suggestions of the customers should also be addressed appropriately in realtime.

To meet the expectations and objectives of the customers and the organization, the modern salesman should take advantage of the technology. The right tools to be more productive and successful.

Some of the essential tools for the Outside Field Sales Officers

Google Maps

Google Maps a very useful tool for Field Sales reps, as it gives accurate directions. It even works in offline mode. It also gives directions for different modes of transportation, like train, bus, bike, car and walking, along with the shortest path to reach early to the customer location.

It helps you to navigate through your sales territory. It alerts you when there is traffic congestion.

Microsoft Onenote

Microsoft Onenote helps you to stay organized and productive with notes, reminders, drawing, recording etc. You can store text notes, photos, audio, and videos, as well as share them on different platforms.

It is compatible to work on any device and platform. It is easier to work from any location, even if you're offline.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This platform helps you in optimizing your sales pipeline with new leads. It’s a great juncture for finding potential customers and building relationships.

It gives insight into the prospects and helps in identifying the key decision-makers.


Toolyt is a leading artificially intelligent sales assistant. It can automate the sales tasks as per your company and industry requirements. It guides you through the entire sales process. It tracks and transcribes your relationships with the customers and competitors.

It is an extension of the CRM system suitable for any industry. Intrinsic alters and reports to the Management will give the prevision of the industry, happenings and preparedness for better sales strategy. It can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present.

Google Keep

It is a very handy tool to make notes. You can use it as both texts as well as voice notes. It allows you to transcribe any recording with complete editing options. It can be easily shared with other users.

It is very useful to make notes during a meeting with the customers.

Google Drive or Dropbox

It can scan and store any document on your mobile. It is like having an office on wheels. You can carry any file anywhere.

You can store any important documents, which can be accessed at any time, especially when you are in the field meeting clients.


It is a professional business card reader, and it scans and saves the customer details in the phone storage as contacts. You can organize the customers based on area, name or any other option you want.

Camcard can alert you when your contact changes jobs, send you company news and much more.

Amazon Audible

Listen to audiobooks while on the move. The easiest way to read any book is to listen to it. With Amazon audible, you can listen anywhere, anytime to your favourite sales books, even when you are travelling.

Listen to your books seamlessly across devices with our free app. Even if you switch devices, you'll never lose your place.

What's your favourite sales tool?