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8 Advantages of having a Defined Sales Process, for the Sales Team

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 30, 2021

It is a propensity for people to choose sales as a career because of freedom, growth, and less demarcation. Normally many sales reps do not use any sales process, just because their companies do not have one. Nearly two-thirds of sales reps do not use any sales process.

Salespersons who adopt a methodical sales process, surpass those who do not use it. The sales process makes your work more effective, improves performance, and shortens the sales cycle.

What’s a sales process?

A sales process is a progression of sales, which is segmented into different stages. Each and every stage has a set of repeatable steps. An efficacious salesperson will habitually follow every stage of the sales process for sales success.

The sales process is ambit which recommends actionable and applicative steps and skilfully avoids misjudgement.

Sales process cycle

Invariably on average a sales process is of 5 steps or 7 steps. The most common steps are Prospecting, Preparation, Approach, Presentation, Handling objections, Closing, and Follow-up.

Most of the companies follow more or less similar processes, but still invariably sideline the process of formulating a standard sales process for the sales team. It is up to the individual sales rep to follow up their own process steps.

Why do you need a sales process?

A sales process is important for any company. It has a beneficial impact on the sales and growth of the company by streamlining the sales journey.

8 Advantages of Sales Process

Improves Efficiency With Defined Steps At Every Stage

Routine and repetitive sales procedures are defined for every stage of the sales process. A precise approach that guides the prospects right from the lead generation stage till the lead is closed.

It illustrates distinctly what has to be done at each stage of sales. It meticulously steers the salespeople forward towards success, even when the situation is gloomy. It orchestrates every stage methodically so that the deals are not overlooked or lost.

Realistic paths and reachable milestones give added advantage to the salespersons, compared to the sales people who work in disorient form.

Defined Sales Tasks Helps Staff

An unambiguous tactic, at every stage, not only helps the existing staff but also supports the new staff in the sales journey. For the new staff, it is the gateway to familiarisation of the procedures of the company.

As every sales stage is well designed and defined, it even makes the training sales sessions more proactive. It molds even a novice, to easily manage the sales independently, with the help of clearly defined road maps.

For management, the training sessions become less of a burden. It gives an opportunity to the senior sales staff to share their experience and impart their knowledge with their juniors.

Constantly Improve The Sales Methods.

A prudent visionary sales team not only ascertains the phase where the deals tumble and get stranded. It is also analysis the causation of the derailment. It improves the sales process based on measurable data, feedback, and milestones.

Accurate Forecast

A structured sales process grooms a unified sales team. It helps in lead qualification and accurate sales forecast. Helps managers to fix realistic targets for the sales team. Sales teams can accurately forecast sales and revenues.

Increase Lifetime Value Of The Customer

It helps in identifying prospects that are likely to be converted into sales. It helps in generating high-value leads and shortens the sales cycle. Increases the lifetime customer value by focusing and following the actionable insights by identifying the best prospects.

Communication Between Departments

Better intra-department management within your company by clearly designating the roles of each department along with their responsibilities throughout the sales process.

Bird Eye’s View For Management

It gives a clear 360-degree view to the management about the progress of each salesperson. It also gives holistic reports of the sales team's activities.

Best Customer Experience

Through logical engagement, clearly builds trust with the customers. It indicates when the customer is ready for sales so that salespersons can meet only at the appropriate stage of the sales cycle. Each and every step is designed to generate trust and offer value.

Success To Be Ensured

Even if the best sales process is formulated the results cannot be achieved without proper implementation. A mobile CRM system is required to ensure that the sales team sticks to the process. Toolyt, a complete sales solution, can automate every sales stage and prompt with actionable insights.

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Toolyt is an extension of the CRM system suitable for any industry. Intrinsic alerts and reports to the Management will give the prevision of the industry, happenings, and preparedness for better sales strategy.

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