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4 Uses Of Predictive Analytics To Increase Your Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

Big Data is a prodigious innovation of technology to the World of Sales. Big data can transform sales, this is the conception, among sales professionals. It is stipulatory that data has to be used accurately and veraciously to get the desired results. The feat of transforming sales can be accomplished through Predictive Analytics.

Enormous quantities of data and infinite information is futile if it is not used methodically. Without proper analytics, there are perils of you getting lost in data, presentation, analysis, and interpretation.

What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics is the mechanism of reviewing and evaluating the data from past and present, to predict the outcomes of the future. It is the integration of statistics and data analysis to forecast future possibilities. It identifies the data trends of the company.

Adequate software and lots of data are required for predictive analytics.

Why Companies Use Predictive Analytics

Speculation and presumption are the biggest enemies of any salesman. There is no room for serendipity and a possibility in sales. Companies use Predictive Analytics to generate accurate and reliable sales forecasts. The real-time insights give more effective ways to improve your sales process.

Analysis and data interpretation take place without disrupting the regular activities of the salesperson.

Uses of Predictive Analytics for sales

Better Lead Scoring And Prioritization

Lead scoring is a methodology used by Sales Managers to determine the worthiness of leads, by identifying a calculated value to each lead. It is based on the behavior pattern and interest of the customer in your products and services.

Lead prioritization severs the quality leads from ineffectual ones. Its emphasis on the qualified and quantified leads which have more probability to be closed.

Lead scoring and lead prioritization function conjointly for accurate forecasting. This gives a panoramic view of the leads, opportunities, and follow-up.

Sales Process Optimization

Sales optimization is the process of analyzing the sales process to ascertain which procedure is prolific and unprolific. It diagnoses the previous process and interactions to prognoses the sales team's performance. It pinpoints which activities lead to more sales conversions so that you can structure your sales process based on it.

Sales optimization is an ongoing process, you keep improving with the changes in the industry and technology.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting estimates future sales using actual sales data from your sales organization. Forecasting is about getting close enough to make good decisions. It is the scientific process where sales opportunities are scored and weighed on success. Accurate sales forecast gives sales reps as well as managers confidence to move forward.

Provides Strategic Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic, ongoing process of equipping sales teams with practical ideas that are scalable and repeatable. It provides a sales team with information, content, and tools to sell more effectively. It provides the sales teams with data-driven insights to optimize their sales and drive revenue.

Acolyte Of Sales

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