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Sales Acceleration for Night Owls and Morning Larks of Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

Whether you are a Night Owl or Morning Lark of sales, you have to acclimatize to the dynamics of sales. If you are ambivalent or skeptical about using the latest technology then you will be outpaced by your competitors. Engaging the prospects through traditional age-old methods is getting tougher day by day, with the growing competition. So you have to look for the best alternatives, which can reduce and minimize manual interference and intervention. Through automation, you can manage sales acceleration.

Sales acceleration means increasing the speed and proficiency in closing the deals. At present, there is no magic wand, just by waving it you can do sales acceleration. It’s a consolidated strategy and crafty approach. It guides the sales rep to move the prospects swiftly through the sales pipeline. It follows the principle of more conversion of sales in the least possible time.

In the process of achieving the Sales Enablement, the concept of Sales Acceleration emerged. These are two different concepts not to be confused. Sales pundits define sales acceleration as continuous collective efforts and approaches of different methodologies and practices along with the constellation of sales tools. This foresight will help sales reps right from sourcing till the closing of the sales.

There is no dogma in selecting the sales tools for sales acceleration. it largely depends on the type of industry, company, and management discretion. Usually, management selects a variety of software applications, technologies, and mobile apps like Artificial Intelligent Sales Assistant, Sales Automation System, Sales Leads Databases, Company Research Tools, and predictive analytics for the purpose of sales acceleration.

The sales acceleration process aims in speeding the sales by automating administrative tasks and streamlining sales processes. It helps in overcoming the hardships of salespeople in reaching prospects. Unified technology helps the salespeople in improving efficiency with better enablement and engagement throughout the sales journey.

It provides sales teams with timely and actionable insights. Traditional sales prospecting has dramatically changed over a period of time.

Irrespective of the sales tools being used along with CRM, certain areas have to be emphasized for the best desired results.

Companies with the latest sales technology like CRM and Sales Automation Platforms but without the logical approach, sales intelligence, and sales acceleration, will not be able to achieve the best sales results.

it’s simple Law of Gravity, contacting more qualified prospects leads to accelerated growth and revenue.