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4 Simple Formulas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Boost Your Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

The present age is considered the fourth industrial revolution. Science and technology of this era, has conferred mankind with plenty of inventions and innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. These miraculous creations have changed the business world, the way we interact with customers, and the way we sell.

On other hand, even the customer with access to the same technology has become well-informed and educative. Changing the epitome of sales has made the companies more customer-centric. Even customers like to deal with companies who understand their business pain points. A strong sales strategy is essential for winning the trust and loyalty of modern buyers.

To match the expectations of customers, companies have to adopt modern technology and techniques. Companies opt the technical tools like CRM, ERP, Sales Productivity Automated System, Artificial Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant, and other Digital Platforms, which can seamlessly integrate with existing on-ground applications. Using the Sales Force Automation system (SFAS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be a boon to your sales team.

Following are the four Formulas to boost your sales:

1. Sales Force Automation

2. Intelligent Workflows

3. Actionable Insight

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Sales Personal Assistant

1. Sales Force Automation:

SalesForce Automation system is more customer-focused. The key areas it will reflect are performance, boarding of customers, and meeting of customers. The amalgamation of existing data and new data of the sales team and the organization.

It will be team focused solution and application. Some SFA has KPIs, which you can configure and prioritize as per your company requirements.

It studies the details of incoming and outgoing calls and categorizes them. It chronologically records customers' communication and visits. All the sales activities are streamlined.

2. Intelligent Workflows:

It creates intelligent well-planned workflows for the sales team. When a new lead is generated, it brilliantly assigns the lead to the right salesperson at the right time. It can be on basis of a salesperson close to the customer's place, or a salesperson available at the time of customer appointment. All this is accomplished based on the policies of the company.

Sometimes a high-value lead will be missed due to human error or over-sight, a lead cannot be closed if the right attention and follow-up are not given. Leads that are more likely to be closed and leads which require more attention, all this information is available through SFA. It recommends the priority customers at the beginning of the day.

3. Actionable Insight:

SFA understands and analyses the most important action items, taken from your CRM / ERP or any transactional tool, and creates actionable items to focus on for the day.

Based on your sales team's meeting for the day and the route he is going to travel, SFA will analyze the other potential meetings in the same route to save time. It analyses and understands available meeting slots. It manages potential meetings while the salesperson is still on the field.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Sales Personal Assistant:

Usually, the salespersons are reluctant to use the sales automation system and fill up the forms regularly. In such situations, the Sales Personal Assistant comes to the rescue. It consumes data from SFA / CRM and creates actionable recommendations.

In-built Geo intelligence understands the time spent by your team at the customer’s location, and automatically triggers the feedback of the meeting. Without the necessity to open the App and enter the call details. AI understands the call made to the customers, collects the feedback instantly, and reminds you if your team misses a call. Voice to text option, which some SFA have, saves the time of entering the feedback. All this cluster of sales tools will help the salesperson to save a lot of time.

Sales and MIS Reports:

It analyses the field visits, calls, and interaction with the customer, in real-time and generates ‘Overview, Facts, and Recommendations’. Using data-driven suggestions and insights, it helps relation managers and sales team to engage with the customers and utilize the time effectively; with lesser manual inputs.

An SFA can be very beneficial for your sales strategy provided you make the most of this intuitive technology. The SFA data can help you in understanding what’s going on in your sales process and if there is any change required to achieve better results. All information is easily accessible. Most SFA even has mobile apps so you can access your data from anywhere and keep track of it.

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