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5 Sales Lessons from Single Malt Whisky

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

Neelakanta Rao Jagdale, Chairman & Managing Director of Amrut Distilleries, and President of Basavanagudi Aquatic Center (BAC), died on 9th May 2019, early morning after a brief illness. Amrut Distilleries are famous for single Malt Whisky

A second-generation industrialist, Jagdale's company's name received global recognition nine years ago when Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky was ranked the third finest whisky in the world by Jim Murray in his Whisky Bible. The brand continues to figure among the best whiskies in the world.

As Neelkanta gained prominence for Single Malt Whisky, so we shall look into its manufacturing process and see if it has Sales lessons for us.

For more than 500 years barley and water have been the basic ingredients for Single Malt Whisky (Scotch). Here we shall not cover in-depth process of Single Malt Whisky manufacturing.

1. Malting the barley:

Traditionally, the barley is steeped in water and left for germination on malting floors. Later germinated barley is dried.

Malting the Sales:

In the sales parlance a salesman has to steep himself in the market to get sales. After gathering sufficient data – the data has to be organized and segregated accordingly to the proprieties. This requires lot of dedication and hard work, just like the barley must be turned over by hand in carefully timed intervals so that all grains germinate equally. Germination takes about five days. Same way the sales data has to be organized, duplicate and redundant data has to be eliminated. Leads have to be followed up and constant touch has to be maintained with the customer.

All this process can be made easy and seamless by automation. Companies with the help of dedicated CRM, ERP, Sales Productivity Automated System, Artificial Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant and other Digital Platform can streamline the data.

2. Scotch Fermentation:

The finished malt is milled to flour. The malt is mashed three times before the sugar solution is cooled and yeast added. It is stored in the wash backs until fermentation is finished. Fermentation is finished after approximately 48 to 96 hours.

Sales Fermentation:

Data has to be organized - redundant and duplicate data has to be eliminated. The complied data should provide unified view for all. Artificial intelligent Sales Assistant will guide a sales team through the complete sales process.

3. Distillation:

During distillation, the unique shape of the pot stills is the main contributing factor to the taste of a whisky. A long and slim shape produces soft, pure alcohol, while a short, squat shape produces strong, intense flavors. The intensity of the heating is also important for the taste.

Sales Distillation:

Business solutions and sales automation tools you use speak about the outcome of the sales. Using the tools of yore and spreadsheets will not bear expected results. Latest Business solutions like CRM, ERP, Sales Productivity Automated System, Artificial Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant and other Digital Platform give you optimum results and winning edge over your competitors. The more automated and organized you are the better will be your sales yields. Just like for distillation it is the shape of stills counts.

4. Filling the casks:

In small distilleries the whisky is filled straight from the spirit receiver into the casks. Larger distilleries use an intermediate spirit receiver from which the whisky is then pumped into a large collecting tank - in which the individual batches are already vatted. This way individual taste differences between separate batches can be leveled out.

Filling the Sales casks:

Everything in sales revolve around data. Data has to organized and utilized for optimization of sales. Depending on the size and strength of the sales team, the matured sales leads will be allocated to different sales staff.

5. Bottling:

Usually between 30,000 to 60,000 bottles of the standard single malt whiskies are bottled in one batch, depending on the capacity of the freight vehicle.

Bottling Sales:

Closing of the sales depends on the intensity of followup. Once the sales is complete than the sales person should handover the customer to service department.

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