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3 Sales Lessons from Rooh Afza Shortage in Summer 2019

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

The sudden disappearance of Rooh Afza from the shelves of shops and supermarkets has created panic and anxiety among Indian users. Though there was a shortage in the last few months it was noticed conspicuously with the start of Ramadan.

The disappearance, the shortage whatever be the reason but gives lots to ponder for any business especially FMCG industry. Also, it has lots of lessons to learn for sales and management.

In 1908 Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed of Old Delhi created a herbal mix that would help Delhi's masses stay cool in summer. Selecting herbs and syrups from traditional Unani medicine, he created a drink that would help counter heat strokes, bring down palpitation and prevent water loss. He named it Rooh Afza, which in Urdu literally meant something that refreshes the soul.

Dismissing the various reasons for the shortage, let's try to reason out the causes and remedy. How the causes might have hidden lessons for sales.

Forget Difference On Sales Front:

Hamdard founder Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed's grandson Abdul Majeed, it is believed, is in conflict with his cousin Hammad Ahmed Sales Chief at Hamdard. It is been rumored as a family rift, where the control of the company is the issue.

Sales Analysis and Lesson 1:

Whatever be the situation, always forget the difference, for business is the foremost for any industry. If at all there is any difference still the sales should not be neglected.

Differences can be sorted out by communication. Communication is the main tool for any business, whether it is internal or external. Salespeople should keep in mind that communication with prospective customers is the key to close the lead. Right from the sourcing till the lead is converted to sales, the salesperson should be in constant touch with the customer. Keep updating the customer about the progress.

The vital tool to be in touch with the potential customer without missing other prospective customers and assignments; is simply by adaption of right CRM, ERP, and Sales Productivity Automated System. The Artificial Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant will guide the salesperson at every stage of the sales funnel. Equipped with the latest technology there will be no chance of losing touch with the customers.

Shortage of ingredients:

The Rs 400-crore rose-flavored brand has enormous prominence and is a pan-Indian favorite in the summer months. Hamdard Labs which is the company behind the brand claims that it is facing a shortage of key ingredients.

Sales Analysis and Lesson 2.

How to overcome the shortage of ingredients or stocks. Well-trained sales team and with proper implementation of CRM and Sales Productivity Automated System can keep the track of customer details. With the records and data in place, the sales forecast can be accurate. Sales forecast will also send the message to the Sales, Production, and Service departments to gear up to meet the customer requirement. In time action of the management can take care of any shortfalls. Sales Productivity Automation system coordinates with the various departments to update the customer requirements and expectations.

Know The Trends Of The Competition:

Even though the official stance of Hamdard is its lack of key ingredients, there are reports there is a short supply of Rooh Afza for over four months. Production was stopped in November last year.

Sales Analysis and Lesson 3:

Analyze your competitor's sales - analyze what the competitors are not able to deliver. Record that in your CRM system so that your management can be altered about it. By doing so you can readily fill the voidness left by your competitor.

These tactics will be very helpful in the FMCG market when the salesman visits the market and meets the retail dealers. A salesperson with a good rapport with the dealer and an eye to notice things can gauge the competitor's presence in the market. This vital information can be recorded on the CRM and Sales Automated System to give feedback to the management. Management based on this information can develop beneficial sales tactics to capture the competitor's shelf space.

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