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6 Sales Lessons From Tesla Car Manufacturing Design

By Shivya from Toolyt
April 3, 2021

Of late everyone is talking about Tesla cars, we hear a lot on news and social circles. People keep debating about the cult image of Elon Musk for hours together.

To summarize, Tesla is a US company involved in car manufacturing and energy. Tesla is best known for its electric cars. The company got its popularity after the 2008 release of the Tesla Roadster, the very first electric sports car.

The Tesla difference is that all that technology, power, and environmental friendliness —and a few things no other car-maker offers — comes in one package.

Let's look into the unique features of Tesla Car and see how the same can be replicated in sales activities. You can increase sales by using the best of technology.

There is a popular saying “If you're not a sales genius on your own, let the tech geniuses lend a hand”. Companies look for sales that can smoothly be achieved by amalgamating the sales talent and technology.

Here we are not talking about the marketing strategies of Tesla cars – even though they have some unique and most different methods. (We shall talk about it in the future)

Some of the unique technology innovations and features used in Tesla car and how the same can be replicated for Sales.

1. Tesla Design:

Tesla was designed and developed around the concept of electric power-train and battery, as it was basically an electric car. The battery pack didn’t have to be squeezed into spaces previously occupied by a gasoline car’s trunk, rear seats, or engine bay. There is no transmission hump or driveshaft tunnel. This gave a freehand for the designers to start from scratch and deliver one of the spacious cars.

Sales Design:

If a company is new, it is always better to plan for an absolute automation system from the beginning; right from CRM, ERP, Sales Productivity Automated System, Artificial Intelligent Personal Sales Assistant and other Digital Platform for seamless integration with various enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft, SAGE, etc. This will help in the optimization of sales. Again the planners and designers will get freehand to organize things from the scratch.

Already existing companies planning to automate their sales and marketing process can do it by treating it like a new company. Sometimes primitive existing systems and the latest system amalgamation and synchronization might not be possible, or might not give the best possible results.

2. The Tesla ‘frunk’

The engine bay is where most other electric car-makers put the charger, power inverter, electronic controls, and electric motor. But Tesla integrated all that into the parts of the car you can’t see. That left room under the “hood” for a storage compartment the company calls the “frunk,” or front trunk.

Sales Frunk:

With the Sales Production Automated system and implementation of CRM - there will be practically no manual data entry by the SalesForce. Old existing data and new data can be compiled as one. A unified view will be accessible to all in the organization. Thus saving on stationery, filling, and printing material. A lot of space that was being used for filling manual reports, hard copies, and maintaining archives – will be free. This will in turn give more trunk room or space in the office.

3. Tesla Low Center of Gravity:

As Tesla is an electric car so there is no fuel tank, instead of a very large battery pack, which contains the energy storage cells as well as a cooling system and some electronic controls. This gives the 4,600-pound Tesla a tremendously low center of gravity. The battery pack will help it stick to the road in corners or sharp turns.

Sales Low Center of Gravity:

With all the data compiled and easy accessibility to the team as well as the Sales heads, it gives a clear view of the daily sales calls, visits, and feedback. Irrespective of the size and strength of the sales team – sales will be a seamless result-oriented process. This low center of gravity formula gives complete control of the things happening to the management.

4. Tesla Instrument panel:

Tesla puts almost everything onto a massive, center-mounted, 17-inch display screen that provides clear, easy-to-use, on-screen touch controls. The only buttons on the dash are for the glove box release and the hazard lights.

Sales Instrument Panel:

With the integration of various digital platforms and CRM, the sales team need not worry about the day-to-day sales appointments, correspondence, visits, and activities. Everything will be streamlined and available at one location. It gives comprehensive control of the sales process right from lead generation to closing of leads.

5. Tesla Propulsion system:

Tesla uses electric motors that have two moving parts and single-speed “transmissions” that have no gears. The company says its drive-train has about 17 moving parts compared with about 200 in a conventional internal combustion drive-train. The Tesla system is virtually maintenance-free. It is controlled by electronics, many adjustments and even repairs to the Tesla system can be made through software adjustments.

Sales Propulsion System:

With the integration of CRM, Automated Sales Process, and various digital platforms - it has streamlined all the activities of a sales team. Earlier the same salesperson had to visit the customers, manually enter the feedback, and followup on his own. It means the salesperson was doing umpteen activities of sales and Admin. With automation, the person has to just focus on CRM and ASPS to get the desired results.

6. Tesla Wireless updates:

Tesla regularly provides software updates for its cars and delivers them wirelessly at the driver’s convenience. Most are free and upgrade various functions on the cars. Whereas other carmakers would require a visit to the company garage, whereas any vehicle modification will be expensive.

Sales Wireless Updates:

Some of the technical tools companies are using to optimize and streamline the selling process are big data analytic tools, Social Platforms, Sales Force Automation Systems, CRM Technology, Mobile technology, chatting bots and etc, Now the sales process has become more result-oriented. If there is any technical glitch it can be sorted out by the supplier online. Also, you will be getting timely updates which will give an additional edge to your already existing sales arsenal.

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