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How Auto Call Detection Can Help in Increasing Your Company Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 4, 2021

Salespeople might have 8-14 hours to work, but it all depends on how they utilize their time. Within the given time frame, some salespeople do wonders and some do blunders. It’s nothing but focus and determination which makes the difference. Whether it’s just an outgoing call or reminder mail to the customer, everything depends on the approach.

In the present world, it is very difficult to keep focused all the time. Toggling between personal and professional life, one can get strayed.

A salesperson after spending time in the field meeting clients and follow-ups returns to the office to complete the sales-related admin work - like filling, entering the data, sending emails, and reconfirming the meetings. In the race to complete things, the sales team becomes lethargic and negligent. The result can be easily visible in the performance.

Technology to the Rescue:

Companies are looking towards technology to overcome such situations. Some have adapted for CRM and other Automated SalesForce systems. Usually, salespeople do not enter the call details and contact information of the customers. The contact numbers of the customers are very much required to call back or for follow-up. In absence of data, there might be the possibility of losing the customer.

It can be ignorance and laziness, which holds back a salesperson from entering the details. By Grace of science, there are some technical innovations that will come to the rescue of sales.

AI Call Detection:

As the salespeople make incoming and outgoing calls, the AI will distinguish the nature of the call and save the details. Absolutely there will be no necessity to open the App.

Artificial Intelligence Sales Assistant (AISA) will understand the calls made to the customers and record the details. There will be no human interventions. There is no necessity to save the calls as the system will save them. On completion of the call, a pop-up screen will appear on a mobile screen, to complete the feedback. The salesman can type the details or dictate it to the ‘voice to text option’. This gives a lot of time for the salesperson to remain focused on sales.

The option looks simple and trivial but it has a lot of potentials. The calls will be captured and will be amalgamated with other data. AISA will give unified data to the salesperson to view and work. What's the outcome? You get more time to network

KPI Option:

Some Automated Sales Productivity System has the KPI option, which gives the customer ample choice to fine-tune the application as per their requirement. There are plenty of KPIs which will save the company from unnecessary sludge. We shall discuss all the KPIs in future series. The KPIs might look small but they have the potential to give tremendous benefits to the salespeople.

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