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How To Pay Attention At Each Stage Of Sales Cycle

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 5, 2021

A sales cycle is a process of sales approach undertaken by the organizations to sell. Crucial and visionary steps to guide the salespeople to close the leads into sales.

The sales cycle differs based on the company, industry, and customer base. Progression measures usually differ but succession phases remain familiar.

Importance Of Sales Cycle

A distinct sales cycle will make sales effortless for the salespeople. A blueprint that spells success.

The sales cycle summarizes the bottlenecks and pain points of your business. Helps in taking timely remedial action. Can evaluate your salespersons and sales team performance.

Above all, it ascertains the average length of the sales cycle. You will be able to compare it with your industry and competitors.

During the course of your business can judge the performance of the sales team just by seeing the length of each sales cycle.

Stages In A Sales Cycle

Sales Prospecting

The initial process of contacting and seeking the leads is called sales prospecting. The count starts right from the first contact with the prospects. This process filters and generates the sales-ready prospects for salespersons to take them forward.

Reaching The Prospects

One of the most undecidable and debatable points is how to contact prospects. The first contact has to be impressive. Initial interactions with prospects are essential to start the sales journey.

Also, before contacting the leads, it is crucial to determine and analyze individual leads, and at which stage they are.

Qualifying The Lead

There is no point in losing the time and resources on unqualified leads. Qualify the leads before making contact with the prospects.

Qualification is to ascertain whether the client is ready to make the purchase. Also, it conveys the message if the customer is interested in your product.

Nurturing The Lead

Whether the lead is ready to buy immediately, or there will be a delay in the purchasing. In both cases, the nurturing has to be done. It is the stage of developing a relationship with buyers, which will last throughout the sales journey.

It amounts to keeping track of the needs of prospects. Along with relationship building should also provide information and solution to their problems.

Overcome Objections & Make An Offer

Objections usually arise during the later stages of the sales cycle. Negotiations give room for pricing and other issues. Sometimes, such petty issues delay the deals from closing.

If the prospects start looking for demos and negotiations, it is time the prospects are nearing the stage of closing the deal.

Closing The Sale

When it's time to close, then start the filling of forms and paperwork. The salesperson should handle the buyer based on the observation made during the journey.

Customer care people will take care of the customers after-sales. But the salesperson has to be in touch with the customer for a smooth onboarding.

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