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Quality Data The Bulwarks of Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 6, 2021

The sale is an interesting relationship between Salespersons and Quality Data. Timing and accuracy are really what matters at the end of the day in sales. Sales depend on data, and the quality of data depends on the salesperson.

One of the main sources of data for the company is the sales rep. They are on the field meeting different customers and following up on the leads. At the end of the day, the sales rep enters the data in CRM or Sales Automation System, in fact, which is time-consuming. At times sales reps due to lethargy and ignorance do not enter the complete data. Sometimes the erroneous act was done by the sales rep is not entering the data. At least incomplete data has some sort of information but nil data is disastrous for the company. No data means no customer information.

Accurate, factual, and comprehensive data is the concern for the firms. Based on the data generated by the sales rep, the CRM reports are shared by the Sales Mangers, TSM and Board Members. Decision-makers count on this data for decisions and policies.

Reliable data leads to actionable insights and better sales

1. Quality Data is Determined by Accuracy and Completeness

It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. Consistency and accuracy of instills believability. Inculcate the practice of entering accurate quality data right from the beginning for the new staff. Once the staff settles down with the habit of managing things with old habits then it will be difficult to change.

Even the staff who have been using traditional primitive methods of data entry should be trained to enter the data perfectly. Make the sales rep accountable for reliable data entry. Explain the importance of accurate data entering, how the data will help in generating quality leads.

The amount and quality of data entry are important for the sales process. Data of the customers will have numerous information loaded in it.

Whilst entering the data in the CRM try to complete all the relevant fields and update the visit information. Enter the data at the right time without delay.

So actionable insights and other related reports will be purely based on the data fed. Correct and accurate data are bulwarks of the company.

2. Data Is The New Oil

The data gathering process is an ongoing exercise for the companies. They don’t only rely on the sales rep, they muster the data from different channels. Various sources of data are tele-callers, campaigns, surveys, referrals, web analytics, and external sources. Whereas when it is entered in CRM it should be relevant and precise. Make the data entering the process for the salespersons an event to be looked forward not a monotonous one.

3. Double Jeopardy

Avoiding duplication of data is one of the key factors to reduce data inaccuracy. Keep deleting the redundant data to keep the data spic and span. In a company, if other departments are using different ERP or CRM it will lead to further confusion and duplication. It is advisable to bring all the departments on the same platform.

This will eliminate the duplication of data and at the same time, it will be accessible to all through a unified view. It is always better to maintain uniformity to avoid duplication.

4. Maintain Right Balance For Data Entry

Different departments require different quantum of data for each customer. The requirement of Marketing might be different from management. Again the sales team might not like to spend more time just entering the data. Maintain the balance so that it is not a burden for some. Otherwise, the data will be neglected and inaccuracy might creep in.

5. Integrate With Your Other Sales Tools

Integrate the different sales tools used in the company like emails, phone systems, and automated sales systems. Even if the different departments use various CRM and ERP systems. Integrate the data and bring it on one platform.

The cleaning of data should be a regular process to reduce the burden of unhealthy data.

Better A Diamond With A Flaw Than A Pebble Without

Explain to the salesperson the benefit they can reap by entering accurate and Quality Data. At the same time make they accountable for the data accuracy. This carrot and the stick logic will definitely be beneficial for all. CRM systems were created to help sales teams sell better and smarter. Explain to them how the simple data they enter can form their own sales strategies.

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