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4 Tips How To Sell Better In Tough Times

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 6, 2021

Every business has ups and downs. Every salesperson faces tough times in sales at some point in their career. This phenomenon happens regardless of the industry. The reasons are plenty but the real challenge for the salespeople to survive in tough times.

The reasons for the slowdown in sales can vary from location to location and trade to trade. Certain conditions are in your control and certain beyond your control.

Conditions Not In Your Control

The reasons for the slowdown can be changes in your organization, industry, and market. Also, it can be an economic slowdown, epidemic, and natural disaster.

Economic conditions and recession are not in your control. Along with that, even natural disasters and epidemics are not in your control.

Conditions You Can Control

Certain guidelines have to be laid down to practice irrespective of the outside conditions. The time-tested practices will help your organizations in tough times.

Smart Usage Of Time & Resources

During tough economic times, many organizations plan to reduce expenditure. It has a direct effect on sales and sales activities. Some competitors tend to reduce the calls, visits, and travel of the salespersons.

You have to study the situation and do it differently. Increase your calls and visits. Concentrate and focus on the areas where the rivals are avoiding. More calls and contacts will lead to more conversions. It is the perfect time to recognize the opportunity and being aware of the lurking danger.

Conserve your time and resources on these priorities. Convey the message to the customers, how you can help in tough times.

Positive Approach And Good Attitude

Always try to remain confident and cheerful. Your positive attitude will have an immeasurable impact on the customers. Customers do not like to deal with gloomy salespersons. Approach the customer with positive energy so that they can see the solution in your approach.

Be positive and persistent though it is tough when market conditions are hard. Focus on opportunities and how your products can help customers.

Hone Your Selling Skills

During tough times the opportunities are few and competition more. Develop new techniques to convert every opportunity into sales. Learn the techniques the earlier salespersons might have used during the slowdown. The same tactics can be adapted to be successful in the present scenario.

Constant and consistent learning is required to sharpen your selling skills.

Overcome Objection And Build Value

Customers will be keener on prices and offer during recession days rather than other days. In such situations, it is the value that plays a significant role.

Manage your pipeline with better quality leads. Focus on better quality leads. Concentrate on the leads, which are more likely to be converted into sales. Thus you can avoid the leads slipping out of the pipeline. Also, a Mobile CRM can be of great help to you and your organization. CRM can analyze potential customers by eliminating non-productive leads.

Savior During Tough Times

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