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5 Myths of Remote Work

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 8, 2021

Companies adopt a remote work environment due to various reasons. As well even the remote workers have their own set of reasons to opt to work in a remote environment.

Companies adopt remote work because of adaptability and mobility. At times the industry situation demands the staff to be placed where it is difficult to establish a regular working office.

There are hoards of advantages coming with remote work. It gives a lot of scopes to attract the talent who are remotely placed. There are more benefits than negative points.

Due to the nature of work and visibility, there are a lot of myths circulating about remote work.

Remote Workers Are Lazy & Not Productive

In remote working, certain disadvantages are assumed as myths and circulated. As there is no supervisor to monitor the work, so everything is based on trust. The people back in the office are not aware of the tasks you are performing. Thus there is an air of skepticism that they work less than the regular employees.

But the fact is that the remote workers work longer and harder than the regular employees. Additionally, they nurture an atmosphere that supports remote work.

Remote Work Makes You Feel Lonely

Just because remote employees work in their setup and not in the regular office filled with staff, people presume that they are loners and not team players.

There is the assumption that they like loneliness, and want to be away from the crowd.

Remote workers often connect with other employees through means of communication. They build strong relationships with others. Even their social life is as good as any person's.

Remote Workers Are Liable To Get Distracted

There are disturbances and distractions everywhere. Even there are distractions in offices. Other colleagues disturb during your work. There will different breaks during office hours.

When working in remote there might be some distractions in the beginning. Later as time passes, everyone around you will realize that you are at work and not to be disturbed. simply liking and passion for work will make you less distracted by anything.

Remote Workers Become Socially Introvert

There is a misconception among the masses that working remotely will make a worker less social. Workers after completing the office work will have their regular life. In fact, remote work does not have any impact on the social life of anyone.

Remote Workers Maintain Poor Communication

Again it is the myth that remote workers have poor communication skills. Re-mote workers have different means of communication, and they will be in touch with the other employees as and when required. Also, they communicate with customers easily.

Communication is the foundation of work and workers. At times it might be challenging.

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