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4 Reasons Why Too Many Sales Tools Are Not Good For Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 8, 2021

The Sales process emanates from prospecting to the closing of leads. Every stage of the sales process has its own set of pain points and bottlenecks. Sales managers pursue different avenues and resources to further the sales team. In this pursuit of unraveling the conundrum of sales, you make perspicacious and prudent evaluations. In this quest, you acquire various sales tools and end up accumulating profuse quantity.

In the present Tech World, there are ample sales tools for every single sales process. There are various tools like email tracking, call dialing, tracking field staff, and plenty more. There are extraneous and more tools than the steps in a sales funnel.

The prime objective of any company is to succor the salespersons. Also to galvanize sales, unsnarl sales predicaments and syncopate the sales cycle. With an array of sales tools at their disposal, every time the salespersons have to toggle into different tools for different solutions. Consequently, they lose time on non-sales activities.

It brings back the sales team to primitive days when the technology was not available.

1. Scattered Data Across Different Channels

If the salespersons are using different sales tools for every individual step of the sales process, then there are more possibilities of engaging multiple platforms. Every sales tool will have its own dyad of data and data management mechanism. Juggling between different tools will be time-consuming and less productive.

Even there is an element of the cost involved in installing and procuring the solutions. Notably, the company data will also be scattered across multiple channels, thereby steering to chaos and complications.

2. Right Tools for Best Results

Sales tools and resources are instrumental in managing the sales cycle. If pertinent sales tools are implemented for the designated tasks then the consequences will be quantifiable and commendable.

Even the sales rep anticipates the companies to purvey befitting sales solutions to tackle daily sales activities. They look forward to tools which will expedite the sales, and give customers utmost satisfaction. Nevertheless even the management expects more favorable sales.

If no proper sales solutions are provided to sales reps then it can hamper the results.

3. Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

Too many cooks spoil the broth, this principle is also applicable in sales. Too many sales tools will be arduous to the field staff. This mystification should not put your sales team in dilemma.

The staff has to be familiarised with using different solutions. Too many options should not have an adverse effect on sales. In the cluster of tools, gradually the interest will be lost in some tools and ploddingly discontinued.

It is up to the management to determine how many tools are too many.

4. Tools With Overlapping Functionality

As the company grows so also the sales and sales team. In turn, even the sales tools also increase proportionately to sales. It will be daunting to learn that some of the sales tools are duplicating and overlapping the functionality of other tools.

Tools should support and improve your sales process, not replace your ability

How To Choose Right Sales Tools

Simply adding the tools will not make your sales team more productive or drive faster growth. It’s important to consider which tool will be useful for your company and industry. Select the tools that address your specific needs and budget.

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