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How Data Analytics Can Increase Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 9, 2021

Data is the detailed information stored in digital format for future reference and analysis purposes. The explanation and exploration of the facts and numbers into a meaningful pattern, which can be implemented in an optimum way, in day-to-day Sales activities are called Analytics.

The use of analytics has gradually reached popularity and gained prominence in sales organizations. It probes, deeper into the data, with analysis of variance, it collects the statistical and associated procedures. It identifies the potential abilities and trends of previous achievements, to adopt an appropriate strategy for future success.

It assists in closing the gaps in sales procedures and sales skills of individual salespersons. This constructive step will accelerate the overall effectiveness of the sales reps. It quantifies the overall performance.

Analytical trial of the Sales cycle

Data analytics can approximately predict the length of the sales cycle. It gives precise behavioral and responsive indications of all the prospects in the pipeline. It focuses on the deals, and sales campaigns generating exceptional sales. It highlights the catalytic factors for above industry-average sales.

When the attention of the whole sales team is on high-value prospects, it assists in closing the smaller deals, which otherwise are left neglected.

Whenever any sales big or small are closed, it generates analytical evidence of the whole process. This insight helps the management to implement successful trends and strategies for future sales deals and campaigns.

Accurate Sales Forecast

Data analytics gives accurate and factual sales forecasts for the company. It alerts you if there are any pitfalls and threats, beforehand, so that remedial measures can be taken.

Based on your previous sales tendencies and Data Analytics, the sales forecasting is done. Retrodict trends and expertise generate real and accurate sales predictions. This innovative information helps the management to utilize and manage the resources in the ultimate productive manner.

Data analysis gives a comparison study of your company and the industry sales patterns. It notifies the exact status of your sales performance. With the obtained results, you can take any remedial steps if required. Sales forecasting is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process that affects every aspect of the sales pipeline.

Pipeline Management

With Data Analytics, it is easy to organize the sales pipeline. You can ascertain the potential and profitability of each prospect. Based on the customer evaluation, you can prioritize the engagement accordingly.

You can eliminate the non-productive prospects from the pipeline. It guides you to focus only on convertible prospects.

It determines the weak points, bottlenecks, and pain points of the sales pipeline. You can precisely diagnose at which stage, the leads get stuck or fall out of the pipeline. You can take corrective measures to rectify the sales pipeline.

Role of Toolyt

Toolyt offers data-driven analysis and reporting with actionable insights for both the sales reps and the managers. With real-time reports and accurate forecasting, it will be easy to close your qualified leads.

With Toolyt, you can ascertain the weak spots in the pipeline. With intelligent feedback and insight, you can identify the strength and weaknesses of your team. Toolyt, as leaders in Sales Productivity Automation System, can help you in handling the sales pipeline more professionally. This user-friendly mobile app guides you to complete the sales process with the least objections.

Toolyt is an extension of a CRM system suitable for any industry. Intrinsic alters and reports to the Management will give the prevision of the industry, happenings, and preparedness for sales.

Toolyt can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present.

Toolyt is used by the World's leading firms, across 20+ countries. It gives a divine meaning to the sales team, it is not just sending emails, and messages, it is far beyond that. Being a part of Toolyt is the first step towards success.