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Can Sales Apprenticeship And Internship Help In Producing The Next-generation Sales Talent

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 10, 2021

Sales are the lifeline of any industry. Whether the salesperson quits the job or moves to a higher level, the vacant sales post has to be filled. One of the trusted and time-tested ways of finding the next generation sales talent is Sales Apprenticeship and Internship.

Experience is vital in any field, especially in sales. Sales are a rewarding career with no limits for growth and potential for earnings. Salespersons either get promoted to a higher level or move to a different company. In some rare cases, the salesperson quits sales as a profession.

Some research and studies suggest that the average tenure of a salesperson is two years. And that of a sales manager is 19 months. If they continue in sales, they can climb the ladder of promotions until they reach the topmost position.

Difference Between Apprenticeship and Internship

An intern isn't sure to work for the employer even after the training is over. It's less focused, as it for a brief fixed period. It is the interest and caliber of the intern to master the skills. An internship is a litmus test for the interns. It gives scope to check if the said job and industry are suitable for them.

Whereas, in the case of apprentices, they have decided the field of their choice. They work with the master in that field to learn it.

Misconception Of Apprenticeship

There is a misconception that sales apprenticeships are only for the industrial sector. Furthermore, now the notion is slowly changing. Sales apprenticeship is not available in all countries. Eventually, some of the industries are adopting the concept.

Apprenticeship is a remarkably insightful way of training and developing practical sales skills. Likewise, it is a reasonable and feasible method to groom the talent right from the grass-roots level.

Sales Apprenticeship For Whom

Sales apprenticeship is for those persons who have selected sales as their career of choice. It is a great chance to improve the knowledge and skills required for the role of sales. Let it be not be narrowed down only for the persons starting the career. It is an opportunity even for experienced salesperson to upskill their sales abilities. At the same time, get familiar with the latest tools and technology.

Benefits Of Sales Apprenticeship

If the sales-oriented companies can start an exclusive program for Sales Apprenticeship, then it will help them in a long way. It reduces recruitment costs. The attrition rate will come down. It is easy to train a person from the beginning level. You always have skilled and talented salespersons at your disposal.

There should be an ongoing sales training program for the salespersons. It is an investment in next-generation talent. Also, this supports in achieving and establishing a consistent and effective sales methodology.

Sales Internship – First-hand Experience In Sales

Sales internship is popular in many countries. They train in every aspect of sales. At the same time, the intern gets the feeling of sales as a career. It offers them work experience in real situations.

Advantages Of Sales Internship

Youngsters are full of energy and eager to learn. The hardworking and dedicated attitude of work will also have a positive impact on the organization.

Interns are inexpensive. The overheads associated with recruitment are low. On the other hand, you can easily change schedules to accommodate your functioning.

They come with new ideas and can solve problems efficiently with fresh and naïve thinking.

There are probabilities that some interns might join your organization as full-time employees. It is an inexpensive way of recruiting full-time salespersons who are familiar with your company.

Which Is Better Sales Apprenticeship Or Sales Internship

Sales Apprenticeship and Sales Internship are beneficial for the companies in grooming the next-generation sales talent. Finally, it depends on the company and the management to decide either of them.

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