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5 Ways CEO Should Think and Act Differently In Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 10, 2021

The CEOs are the pinnacle of sales, and they are the ultimate link between the board of directors and the Sales VPS. CEO is the person very much in demand by everyone in the organization. You are responsible for the overall performance of the company. Even implementing the existing plans and policies, planning future sales strategies is your responsibility.

In today’s competitive environment, a CEO just cannot be content with the slow growth in sales and bask in the previous glory. It is only the substantial sales growth, that can keep you at the top. CEOs should actively engage in sales to know the ground reality. Contrarily, you have to depend on the filtered and edited reports given by the Sales Heads and Managers.

Your visits to the customers will not be a threat to the Sales Managers and Executives, but in fact, it will be a boon.

Customer Relationship

Developing and maintaining a cordial relationship with the customers is very important for any business. Some customers are of high-value, and some are of low value, but both are notably important for the organization. Here starts your vital role of relationship-building at the top level. This strategy is particularly helpful in the business, particularly when the Executives handling the key Accounts, resign from the company. The customers remain with the company and do not move out with the executive. The relationship-building exercise is a great rescue to safeguard your customers.

At your level, strengthen the ties with the top management of your customers and prospects. Establish CEO-to-CEO relationship with the key accounts. This elite relationship will be advantageous both for your company and your customers. A healthy relationship can help in closing sales smoothly. By this gesture, even the customer will feel special and honored. Such customers do not churn out quickly.

Fast and Swift

In sales, exceptional and influential decisions are very crucial. Even the speed accuracy and confidence matter a lot. The most important is being consistent in all situations and conditions. Such resolutions are very much appreciated and looked at with reverence by the customers.

Risks and opportunities

You should be very familiar with the sales process for your company. Whenever you design the new sales process or modify the existing one, you should analyze the opportunities and uncertainties. It is the mark of a successful CEO to take calculated risks and also look for new opportunities. In the same instance, you should be vigilant to avert the company from any pitfalls.

Involve the Sales Managers, whenever you create a new sales process or modify an existing one, as team participation produces the best results. It will give them the right information about the strategies which are practical and productive. They will be aware of things that might work and not work. It will be an amalgamation of your experience, intelligence, and the dedication and hard work of the executives.

A disciplined and intelligent sales process with detailed planning, for every stage of the sales process, shall provide a platform to the sales reps, to exhibit their knowledge, wisdom, and skills in selling.

Associate With Your Salespeople

The greatest challenge, for any CEO, is lack of time. Everyone in the company likes to spend time with you, seeking your guidance and advice. Try to spend more time with your sales team and help them to overcome their fears. Share your experiences, which might enhance the knowledge of the salespeople. Allow them to share their experiences so that you can analyze their shortcomings and guide them accurately.

Besides the regular sales routine, organize some social events where the salespeople can speak freely and openly. It will help in diminishing the barriers between the management and the team. Try to remember your sales staff, by their names, appreciate and encourage them for every achievement. It will help you to gain respect and trust from your team.

Nurture And Develop Your Sales Team

The sales and the sales team are the lifelines of your organization. Training should be mandatory to the Sales staff, irrespective of their experience Training should be an on-going process, not a one-time affair. Sales Training develops the skills and techniques of the salespeople to create and explore new sales opportunities. At the same time, concentrate on their personal developments. Motivating them will increase sales and productivity.

Organize regular training sessions and provide them the best training facilities. Invest your time and efforts in developing your sales team. Equip them with modern sales CRM and other accessories to make their work easy.

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