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Don’t Drop Your Sales Baton

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 12, 2021

“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.” says Mario Andretti, one of the successful car racing drivers. In the fast changing world it is pace which matters. Everything should happen swiftly but accurately especially in the Business World.

We all would have seen the track relay race right from the school days. The people who have participated would know the thrill and excitement. The crowds watching the sports go enthusiastic when the athletics pass on the batons. In fact the race generates more excitement on the tracks rather on the finish line.

In spite of vigorous training sometimes the athletics drop the baton or fumble when passing the baton - eventually losing the race. In the Olympics of 2008, USA 400m relay race team had the best runners but lost the finals as the baton was dropped at pivotal moment.

The risks of a fumbled handover is not confined alone only to sports, its regular features in the Business World. In sales, in the process of handing over the sales baton there will be many a slips. In sports arena if it happens you lose the race and if it happens in business you lose the deal.

Even the well trained experienced sales team can make such mistakes. Such events fall out are prone to happen between the customer and the salesperson, between marketing and sales handover, during sales and operations hand over, from one stage of the sales process to the next, or even between members of the selling team, all this can frustrate the prospect and lose the sale.

First we shall discuss the possibilities how the sales baton can fall as this will help us analyzing and preventing it in future.


1. Resignation of Sales Staff:

If a sales staff following with a customer right from the time of lead generation, decides to leave the company, than there might be a little turmoil. If there are no relieving staff or the staff is new to the company than the handover the process will not be absolute. More over if the company is not using any CRM system, eventually there will not be necessary data to follow and chances are the customer might lose contact and lose the lead.

2. Sales Rep using primitive methods of Sales:

If the company is not using any CRM system, than the sales rep will be manually entering the sales data. Manually keeping track of the field visits and appointments is herculean task. To make the things easy the staff might request the support staff for support like sending the technical information or price quotation. Once the request goes into the hand of the support staff, chances are the sales person might lose contact with the customer.

3. Unorganized Sales Run:

Sales person regularly contacts the different potential customers but fails to make the record of the same. In absence of proper it will not be easy to followup with the customers. Unorganized sales run will not yield many sales conversions.

4. Single Point of Contact:

The major mistakes the sales people do is the make one point contact with the client. They fail to build the relationship with the purchase team of the client. Sales rep will be with all the hopes the contact person will do the complete followup. Such cases usually fail, when the client staff has not relayed the details to his supervisors and decision makers. In rare case, the contact person plans to quit to company. This eventually makes to lose the baton.

5. No Proper Handover:

Marketing Department leads are placed in the pipeline without a clear understanding of where the customer has come from, what they already know, who they’ve talked to, or what they need. Sales people have to build the new relationship with the customer, by the time the rapport is build the customer might change the decision.

Situation looks grave from business point of view. Such situations look grave but also there is solution for every problem. We shall discuss few time proven methods a company can implement and increase the sales.

1. Focus on Qualified Leads:

There might be lot of unqualified and duplicate leads in the sales funnel. Fore most task is to organize the data, jettison the redundant data. Followup only qualified and genuine leads as it yields better results and save lot of time and energy.

2. Pay Attention To Data Quality:

Clear the unwanted and duplicate data by clearing the CRM system. Organized data will help in healthy engagement with potential leads.

3. KYSS – Know Your Sales Staff:

People are more inclined to work with the sales rep they trust and know. Trust is built slowly over a period of time. Company can send the details of the staff who will be handling their account, this familiarity helps in building long term relationship.

4. Two Sides Of The Same Coin:

Sales and Marketing are like railway tracks, they run parallel but never meet. At times they behave like Tom and Jerry. With the advent of latest technology both the teams can help each other through the sales cycle. Well oiled team work will yield best results.

5. Selecting The Right CRM System:

Select the CRM system which is compatible for your business. Most of the companies overlook for after sales service aspect while purchasing the CRM system. Look for CRM from the companies who give you seamless after sales service and who can tailor the product as per your business requirements.

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