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How Often Should You OR How Often Can You Contact A Sales Prospect

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 12, 2021

Sales are a sequential endeavor of methodical and strategical efforts to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. All the sales start with prospecting. In some cases, it is easy to meet a potential prospect. Occasionally it'll be a never-ending trial in some cases.

A salesperson should exhibit a lot of skills and endurance to meet the prospects in the initial prospecting stages. At the same time, you should be visionary and idealistic. Should be able to handle any sales objections tactfully.

In spite of all the right efforts, some leads get delayed for various reasons. Even the wiseacre and experienced salespersons get in such situations. You are yet to decide how often you should call the prospects. There is a very thin fringe between persistence and harassment. The salesperson should be cautious not to overstep it. Also, remember persistence is the essence of quality sales.

There are various answers to this from the different schools of thought. Some advice contact as often as possible, as long as you can deliver something new to the customer.

Types Of Customers And Prospects

Customers are often broadly classified into three types. The first type of customer those who have established contacts with you. Willing to meet and discuss with you, but here the leads are still in progress.

The second type is the standard customers. The prospects have responded to all the communications and are satisfied with the services. Here the sales are in an advanced stage of the pipeline, but suddenly they go cold. There is no further communication and you are unable to contact the prospects.

The third type is the complicated type of customers. You are sure they are potential customers but are not able to break through or make headway. You keep trying to reach on emails and calls but still unsuccessful.

Middle Path Of Sales Followup

It is really difficult for a salesperson to draw the line in these cases. Also, it is difficult to work out the margins of persistence and harassment. Do not exhibit that you are desperate for sales.

Channel Of Preference

It is difficult to determine how to follow up without being annoying. Irrespective of the type of your prospects, try to reach them through the channels they prefer. Even if it is a first-time customer, you can analyze the preferred channel.

If there is no clarity, you can start prospecting through the medium you prefer. Change the communicating channel only if the prospects demand.

Channels Which Do Not Annoy The Prospects

Communicate in the medium you prefer, if you are approaching the customer for the first time. Also, in some cases of follow-up, you can follow this. At present, social media is the channel where you can be persistent and well as submissive.

Text messages are also a little less annoying communication channel. It is a convenient way to be in your prospect's mind and memory. It is used both for the first time approach and the follow-ups.

Referrals are an efficient and non-annoying channel to reach your prospects. Try the referral method when the prospects do not respond to your calls, emails, and other non-annoying channels. So try to find an influential person working in the same organization as your prospects. Just a little introduction will help you move forward.

Reasonable Length Of Time To Wait

If you are not getting the response, give a little reasonable gap. Ascertain through different sources if the prospect is in town. If not, wait until the person returns. If the prospect is in town, give a reasonable gap and again reposition your messages and proposals.

Before you cease to followup, send a linkable email and text message. The message should be clear that this might not be the best time to connect. In further can always reconnect when the need arises.

Be Calm And Cool

There might be plenty of reasons why some prospects are eager to connect, and while some are unresponsive. Regardless of the number of attempts and situations, you should always be pleasant, patient, and polite.

Some salespeople keep trying until they hear from the customer. They are not particular about the results, just a confirmation.

Approach For Existing Customers

The approach for the existing customer will be different. Once you build a rapport, you can contact the prospect, as many times as you like. You should be able to deliver new insights and solutions every time.

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