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3 Rules To Increase Sales Through Flanking

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 15, 2021

Sales are pivotal for every organization, it is the lifeline of the company. In some sectors, there are copious firms and in some, there are fewer. Irrespective of the disposition nature of the business, every industry, whether it is big or small they face competition. Flanking Sales strategy is the concept to increase sales and defeat competition.

To be persistent and profitable in any industry, it is the competition which impetus as a catalyst. Whether you are a market leader or laggard, the competition can emerge from any obscure conjuncture. The intensity and aggressiveness of the competition are depending on the industry and other diversified factors affecting the company. Competitors are always on the lookout for the Achilles' heel of the rivals.

Typically salespeople have an aversion towards competition. Unfortunately, that’s the innate nature of sales, to allure competition. If competition isn’t evident in a particular organization, chances are it will surface eventually.

Every company has friends and foes, at different levels and platforms. It is the prudent and adversary strategies among competing firms that evolve the use of defensive and offensive tactics.

Flanking Sales Strategy

Flanking is the primitive warfare maneuver, initially adopted by Marketing, and later by Sales. Flanking the offensive sales strategy requires more planning, foresight, and adeptness to be successful. It’s efficacious even against industry leaders.

Flanking sales is an effective methodology to eclipse the competition. The advantageous plan is developed after evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and of your rivals. It is a fathomable maneuver that clouts and emphasis the prospect’s decision in your favor. Flanking has never been more relevant than at present times.

It is very useful when the conditions deem gloomy or when entering any competition disadvantageously. Flanking isn’t the right strategy for every opportunity. The methodology should be within the purview of your caliber, conversely, your competitor should not be able to emulate it.

Contravene Rule

It is an impracticable task for any firm to partake extensively in all the projects and deals. Even with solemn efforts, still, intermittently companies flunk to reach their prospects. At such junctures the contravene rule is pertinent.

The principles of contravene rule try to persuade the decision and the process of a decision of the buyers. If you follow, unprejudiced rules and protocol of engaging the customers, it will not work. The only criteria are you should have a sway in the buyer’s camp. This strategy is workable for companies who are not the leaders in their industry.

Fragmentary rule

Intermittently in some companies, it is difficult to acquire the whole business. In such a scenario, the fragmentary rule is applicable. When it is evident that acquiring a complete order is not possible, it will be justifiable to win at least the partial order. The objective is to use the deal in the future as a reference in sales. Its accomplishment will elevate the prominence of your company in the market.

Ascendancy Rule

During some stage of the sales process, you can analyze that no tactic can change the decision of the buyer. You cannot close the deal, and also you don’t want your rival to win it. In such cases ascendancy rule is more fitting.

This strategy abrogates the deal so that your rivals do not benefit from it. The buyer defers the decision, which will help you to re-engage the customer. This strategy is high risk and should be handled with a lot of caution.


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