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Can Innate Intelligence Alone Help In Increasing Sales

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 17, 2021

In the present World of Technology, the customer has more power, information, control over the sales process. In such a turmoil environment, it calls for phenomenal expertise to harness the new psychology of selling that is Innate Intelligence.

Innate intelligence is the intelligence wired in every living being, it governs every single act executed by you. Every single action of all human beings is controlled and coordinated by Innate Intelligence.

Innate intelligence varies from person to person. It meticulously affects our daily sales activities. It is an established fact that people with higher innate intelligence perform well in sales.

Innate intelligence is integrated into your DNA, it is intrinsic talent. You are born with a certain IQ, in simple words, you are as smart as you will ever be.

Innate Intelligent Successful Salesperson

Exceptional efficacious sales performers are smart people, innate intelligent people. They are keen observers and have dominion disposition to conquer sales. They have the innate ability and critical caliber of the sales rep. They have the talent to concatenate disparate ideas and data to formulate unique solutions.

In sales, at times it is emotions, intelligence, rational decisions, physiological influence, and impulsive decisions, dominate the stage. “Innate Intelligence becomes relevant, useful, and powerful when combined with acquired, technological, and emotional intelligence.” mentions Jeb Blount the author of the book ‘Sales EQ’.

Innate Intelligence A Plus Point For Salespersons

Salespersons with high Innate Intelligence tend to be curious, adaptive, strategic, and far-sighted. They have the potential to initiate exceptional brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas and solutions for problems.

How Innate Intelligence Can Be Enhanced In Salesforce

The hypothesis should not arrive that people with higher Innate Intelligence will excel better in sales. That doesn’t mean salespersons with lower Innate Intelligence cannot perform well.

Intelligence is part of the nature of any Human Being. You all have unlimited cognitive abilities and your brain is capable of learning anything. If innate Intelligence is the privilege of some, this is not true. It can be enhanced in salespeople, as your learning capacity is always receptive. With elaborate in-depth training, the sales rep can improve the parameters of innate intelligence.

Barriers In Learning

What prevents you from increasing the innate capacity is the barrier of the unconscious mind. These barriers are built over a period of time, the inculcated habits, thoughts and practices, get embedded and ultimately show as characteristics of incapability. Negative thoughts and incidences have steeped in the subconscious mind by the time you reach adulthood. The mind executes what you have programmed throughout your childhood, and since then, you find it difficult to learn.

You have to break these mental barriers and move to the next level, where you can learn anything. Sales training exercises and activities that can stimulate your Pre Frontal Cortex. If executed correctly it will be a game-changer and make a big difference.

High Innate Intelligence Is Negative Aspect In Sales

Due to nature's gift of the intrinsic capability of brisk extemporizing at times, innate intelligent salespeople outclass others. This might trigger freakishness, impatience, failure to empathize with others. Probability of overwhelming people with elaborate solutions for basic problems or issues. Many extremely intelligent people have failed in sales because they are unable to influence the behavior of other people.

However, Jeb Blount, the author feels that ultra-high sales performers possess four types of intelligence that are tightly intertwined, each connecting, affecting, and amplifying the others. He is of the opinion that only Innate intelligence will not suffice the requirement of super successful salespersons.

He further explains that Ultra-high performers combine high IQ, Acquired Intelligence, Technological Intelligence with high Emotional Intelligence to dominate their competitors.

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