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4 New Year Resolutions Of The Sales Managers

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 17, 2021

As the curtains of the old year come down, the New Year discloses the hopes, changes, and resolutions. In fact, everywhere the significant plans for the year ahead are in the air. As a matter of fact, everyone has a priority list of the things to be done. So also the Sales Managers will have commitments and expectations.

Sales Managers cannot make any resolutions irresponsibly. They have to determine and find out what is suitable for their teams. Before that, you have to find out how your team performed in 2019. What were the shortfalls and gaps? You have to analyze the under-performers and the achievers. Examine your sales process and sales funnel, then plan the resolution.

For the sales managers, the beginning months of the new year are very critical. In parts of the globe where December is the Financial year ending then January is the first month. Where March is the financial year ending, then this will be the last quarter of the year. In either case, these months are significant for the Sales Managers.

Some of the sales resolutions that steer your sales team towards success, and make the year 2020 a successful year.

Sales Managers Lead From The Front

Sales Managers and sales management are the two faces of the same coin. They are distinct, and yet at the same time, they are identical. In fact, many of us get confused about the theory of leadership and management. Sales Managers drive the team to success.

Everyone in the team wants to follow a reliable leader, just being a sales manager cannot do wonders for the organization. Whereas, the team members are aware of the benefits of working with a leader. Similarly, it can bring positive changes to the team and the organization.

Organizations hire Sales Managers, but they rarely find a person with Sales leader qualities. Furthermore, a capable leader can marshal the team in troubled times.

Redefine your role and activities. Try to be the managerial and administrative person leading the team. Motivate the team to achieve targets. Never be demanding and threatening, though being a leader still try to be a team player. Develop a clear and effective communication method.

Realistic Quotas And Achievable Targets

Every Sales Manager expects his team to perform well, and the expectations are always high. Set the targets that are achievable but not unattainable. Targets should be staff-centric and not management-centric.

Set individual targets for the salespersons based on their capabilities, and not common targets for the team.

Surely, setting up unattainable targets will demotivate the staff. Keep the staff happy to reduce attrition.

With this in mind, to achieve the targets, support the staff morally and technically. Equip them with the latest gadgets, software, data, and Mobile sales CRM. As a team, it will be easier to achieve the targets.

Right, Hire Will Reduce The Fire

Commonly, the January month comes with mixed feelings and challenges. It is the time of the year when the salespeople start planning to change jobs. You have to retain the existing staff, as well as look for replacements for those who are quitting.

Decide whether the replacement of quitting staff has to be done immediately or can wait for some time. Delay in hiring should not be a reason for missing the yearly targets. Besides, ascertain if you can manage the sales with the current resources.

In fact, sales recruitment should be an ongoing process. Don't wait for someone to quit to start the recruitment process. Formulate the staff hiring procedure. Covertly keep a watch on the team to find out if anyone is planning to leave. Follow the recruitment procedure to hire the right candidate. If you try to fill the post in urgency, the chances are you might hire undesired or under-qualified sales staff.

The growth and development of a sales team is your responsibility. Finding the right candidate will save a lot of training and the time required for induction.

Sales Managers Coach For Success

Focus on coaching your sales team to make them more resourceful and productive. Formulate group and individual training programs. If training aspects are to be imparted, to the whole team, then have group training.

Some team members lack skills in some areas of sales, design a program exclusively for them. It not only improves the image of the company but also demonstrates the commitment towards your members.

Usually, all the sales reps have their own new year's resolutions. Furthermore, it is an ideal time to discuss the resolutions with your team members. Synchronize your resolutions with those of your team. Get your team in your confidence, if not, eventually, they will be with the competitor's camp.

How To Remember And Fulfill The New Year Resolutions

To sum up, you would have forgotten the New Year's resolutions made last year. Likewise, you would have overlooked synchronizing the resolution of your team members. You might be disappointed that you were unable to fulfill them. Finally, now you can accomplish your sales resolutions, by diligent and thoughtful use of Toolyt.

Toolyt can assist you in fulfilling your New Year Resolutions and Sales targets.

It specially designed for Sales Managers keeping into account your role, as a linkman between the field staff and management. Gives you complete control over your team. The real-time insights with corrective actions to be taken are very useful. A complete solution easily fits in your palm, as it is a mobile-based app.

Toolyt is your stepping stone to be a successful Sales Manager.