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6 Sales Tasks to Automate for Sales Success

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 20, 2021

There are numerous tasks a salesperson should accomplish daily, in order to get new customers. Out of which simple straightforward repetitive and diurnal sales tasks can be automated, to ease the workload of salespersons and make sales more efficacious. Broadly the activities of sales reps are divided into two categories i.e. selling and non-selling. A recent research study finding was that all sales reps spend only 53% of their time on core-selling activities.

Unskilled and admin-related tasks, wherein appropriate persona contact with the customer is not required, can be automated. Companies are investing in technology that progressively enhances sales. Automation of sales tasks is postulated based on the industry and company.

Automation of sales tasks will relieve your sales rep from the drudgery of unproductive tasks.

Certain sales tasks to be automated for better sales results.

Scheduling Meetings With Clients

Scheduling meetings might look reasonably simple, but it requires a lot of intellectual and intelligent certitude. Much of the time, it depends on the convenience and exigency of the customers. To get the appointment, ceaseless follow-up with the customer is required, without losing contact. Predominantly regular emails, SMS, voice-mails, and calls are used for this purpose.

Automation and Meeting Intelligence can make scheduling meetings easy by offering the prospect a choice of alternate time slots based on your availability and customers' affability. Once the suitable time is selected by the customer, the appointment is earmarked and your calendar is automatically updated.

Managing Sales Pipelines

Manually it is challenging to monitor all the prospects, visits, customer details and plan the next meetings. It is beyond human capacity to manage the daily visits manually and memorize all the customer details.

In the manual artifice of managing customers, in spite of sales strategies, presumably, it can result in missing crucial sales process steps.

Automating your Sales Pipeline can assuage these foibles by giving complete command over the sales process.

Transcribing Meeting Process

Meetings between the customer and the sales rep are very crucial and important from the business perspective. It is also equally consequential to record the meeting agenda. It is tedious but vital for future relationships, correspondence, and sales. It’s incredibly time-consuming and inappropriate to scribble down notes after every single conversation.

Automation will transcribe the conversation of the meetings, allowing the sales reps to focus on the meeting and not worry about anything else. Meeting Intelligence feature can also act as performer tracker of the salesperson.

Recording Calls Outcome

Salespersons make several outgoing calls and also receive a myriad of incoming calls. It essential to record the development and outcome of each call as it will be impossible to remember all the call details. The best way is to note the details after each and every call. This affable praxis can really curtail the selling time of sales reps, yet it’s vital to keep an accurate record of all the calls. In the manual tussle, occasionally follow-up calls are missed or forgotten, and sometimes a good leader simply goes unnoticed.

With automation, the sales reps save lots of time and probability of not missing call details with the assistance of call logging tools. It also gives an opportunity for the management to analyze the quality of sales conversations of the sales rep.

Prioritizing Leads

Prioritizing the leads in real-time is another sales task that is essential for sales success. Without prioritizing, there will be a likelihood of overlooking the high-quality leads whilst focusing on low-quality leads.

The salesperson spends a lot of time going through the calls, spreadsheets to prioritizing the leads manually. Automation will save time and uncover your most engaged leads. This gives the opportunity to the salesperson to follow up on your qualified leads.

SalesForce Automation Tool will also assign the leads to the sales rep based on the availability and the distance from the customer’s place. It daily generates the route plan with the timings and customer details.

Personalize Pre-Written Emails to Save Time

It takes a lot of time in writing emails to the customers. The valuable and productive time of salespersons is dissipated siting front of the computers.

With automation, personalized and pre-written emails can be sent to clients at a selected time. This saves a lot of time and labor.

Sales beacon

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Toolyt can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present.

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