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How Sales Team Should be Treated In Organisations

By Shivya from Toolyt
March 23, 2021

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." these are the famous words of Michael Jordan. In fact, these lines hold good for the Sales Team of any organization. It's obvious that champions should be treated like champions.

How the sales team is treated in organizations, differs from industry to industry. Some of the organizations are accounts oriented and some are sales-oriented. In companies that are accounts-driven, accounting policies overshadow all other activities including sales. Right from the sales, purchase, and production all the departments, directly or indirectly will be following the doctrines of accounts in their daily operations. Same way if an organization is sales-driven than, the sales team will have more say in company decisions and policies.

Stand By Me

Always treat the sales team as humans, not as any device or object in the company. Sales Managers should make it a point, to spare more time to the Sales Team. Conduct regular meetings for sales updates and interactions. Salespeople, as they are always on the move, meeting customers, don't wait to see them only at sales review time.

Spend quality time with them, engage them in social and recreational activities, so that the stern protocol type environment gives way to a more friendly result-oriented atmosphere.

Provide Mentorship

Like any other employee, even salespeople need mentorship. For new staff, do hand holding and develop them into perfect salesperson; irrespective of their experience. If the orientation is done in a professional manner, it will help a salesperson to know the procedures and policies of the company and give the best results.

Fulfill Their Dreams

If a salesperson has talent and inspiration to grow in the organization, encourage him. Every salesperson has hopes and dreams to move up the corporate ladder. A company with happily satisfied staff will see less attrition.

Encouragement and Incentives

Inspire your salesperson to perform well in sales. In fact at times, give special treatment to the super salespersons, as it will encourage them to achieve more. This will also establish as a motivational factor for other staff. Never measure the performer and non-performer with the same parameters. For it will not take long for them to get demotivated.

When someone does outstanding well give him recognition, if possible make an announcement in the organization, reward him.

When your best people outperform and outshine others, by all means, treat them well, just as you treat customers differently based on their value to your company.